Friday, April 30, 2010

Mila Hermanovski

"Sometimes I have so many ideas that I have a hard time committing to one design."
Mila Hermanovzki, 40 year-old TV/film personal stylist from Dallas, Texas.
Supermodel Muse: Coco Rocha, Christy Turlington
Favorite Color: black, white, red, purple and metallics
Music on When Designing: Goldfrapp, Fever Ray, Nightmares on Wax, Thievery Corporation and Bowie
Favorite Project Runway Designer: Daniel Vosovic
Favorite Designer: Helmut Lang, Preen, Courreges, Balenciaga
Celebrity Dream Client: Cate Blanchlett
Favorite Fabrics: wool, silk crepe, knits
Designer Influences: Modern art and architecture, graphic design, vintage design, pop/street culture, music


People Laugh at Taylor. WTF.

Okay... So i saw this photo in facebook and people are tagging their friends and laugh at him. I know they effin look a like but guys, it's not funny! (though I kind of laughed at him too. *face slap*) They broke my heart laughing at him! Though they have the same face, that thing at the right (I don't know what it is), DOESNT HAVE ABS! READ IT AGAIN! DOESN'T HAVE THOSE EFFIN HOT SIZZLING ABS!


Style Icon of the Day: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung.

Alexa's Style according to her. "I don't like to look too neat. On TV I wear dresses mostly. If I'm not wearing a dress, then I'm always wearing jeans and band T-shirts. I have doubles of everything because I keep buying the same thing. I have lots of cable-knit cardigans and a variety of blazers."

Alexa Chung's style is effortlessly stylish, and a lot of girls admire her for that. Her career bloomed from being a model, then advertising to music videos and her own miniseries on Fashion TV (FTV) .
• Brown hair - Green eyes
• Height: 1m73 (5'8)
• Shoe: Size 6 UK
• Model, Actress & Present
• Measurements: (34-24-35)
• Born: 5 November 1983


Diaz + Timberlake = Back Together!

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz "have fallen back in love with each other while filming their new movie 'Bad Teacher,'" reports Showbiz Spy. According to the website, the exes "have been back together for the past couple of weeks and he's definitely ended things with Jessica Biel." Showbiz Spy claims Timberlake is "even talking about spending the rest of his life with Diaz." Click over to Gossip Cop for details from a friend about whether Justin and Cameron have gotten their "SexyBack."


Swifty has a new boyfriend (YES!)

The country cutie is “still having a love affair with notorious ladies’ man John Mayer,” claims Star.“Still”? Um, Swift was never in a relationship with Mayer. But let’s see what the tab has to say.According to a so-called “source,” Swift has been “meeting up all over the country” with Mayer, behind the back of her alleged boyfriend Cory Monteith. “Taylor will drop anything to see [Mayer],” reports the magazine. All he has to do is text her, another “source” claims, and she’ll “come running” “no matter what time it is!”So let’s get this straight.Two superstars with fully booked schedules — and whose every move is followed by a voracious press — have been meeting secretly from coast to coast at the drop of a hat?Forgive us for thinking the whole thing is absurd.But just in case, we reached out to sources close to Swift, all of whom tell Gossip Cop the story is complete nonsense.


Lady Gaga eats like an infant.

According to Heat magazine, the performer embarked on a dangerous baby food diet. Sourced claim that  the pop superstar had been living with baby food that doesn't give her much energy for her grueling performances and causes concern from her friends.
“She’s substituting meals for jars of baby food,”claims Heat in a story that’s managed to go wide.
Well, according to Mama Monster, the "Baby Food Diet" is not true. She might be the most creative force,but her imagination is no match for the tab's fantasies.

Kate Hudson's Style is Ugly Betty's?

Well, don't blame Hudson for wearing that though snow shutted down a few months ago, it's her stylist's fault according to some critics. :) It's a kind of clothing style that only that weird braced-faced Ugly Betty could wear. (lol) Hudson = FAIL. *face slap*

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seth Aaron Henderson

"My ability to execute with innovation and speed are my strengths." -Seth
He's a 38 year old fashion designer and stylist from San Diego. :) From Project Runway Season 7.
Favorite color: Black
Design Influences: Music, including New Waye, punk, 80's goth, Brit rock, 40's 50's 60's movies
Supermodel Muse: Twiggy
Celebrity Dream Client: Marilyn Manson; "I'd like to design a badass suit."
Music On When Designing: Manon, The Cure, 80's wave
Favorite Project Runway Designer: Christian S.
Favorite Designer: Tom Ford
Favorite Fabrics: "Love Textures."


Sparkle like Sunshine

So, this is another post of me. D: my lookbook photo. I'm planning to like make this my fashion blog. I mean, I post of myself and my clothes too. :| to be effin criticized. LOL I chose that anyway. :)) anyway, this was last.. Okay, I forgot the date, but it was out Junior Senior Prom (Turning-over or whatever). I designed my dress, which is pretty simple though. :) I did not sew it! I'm trying to learn how to sew, I get lessons. LOL :D
anyway, just posting! :) comments are highly aprreciated! 


Style Icon of the Day: Rachel Bilson

Surely, Rachel has one of the best wardrobes ever. (Though almost all stars have their awesome wardrobes.) A Zac Posen gown, or kickin it with tee and jeans. She always adds some "Rachel touches" to her outfits. :D
Seen on: Jumper


Esmée Denters - Admit It

And so, yes, The Mad Katter, made me listen to a few songs of Esmée Denters, and I downloaded some of her songs on limewire. Well, I like her! :) really. :) And I know Katter has a good taste in music. :D So now I'm Esméerized. LOL.


Youtube Sensation Hits Hollywood

Charice Pempengco, 18 years old, was just once a youtube sensation until some foreign countries wanted her to guest in their shows. Charice's hit was when she was considered as one of the most talented kids in the world and guested at Oprah several times.
Now, singing her song Pyramid ft.IYAZ, the one who sang "Replay", made into the top hits these past few days. Dayumn. Iyaz maaaann, I only dream about that. LOL


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Lookbook Vhing B.

check out my lookbook if you got time. thankies!


Robin Hood

Starring Russel Crowe as Robin Longstride; Cate Blachett as Marion Lozley; Max von Sydow as Sir Walter Loxley; William Hurt as William Marshal. Directed by Ridley Scott.
It is planned to be realead on May 14 2010.

The story of an archer in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion who fights against the Norman invaders and becomes the legendary hero known as Robin Hood


Alexander McQueen is dead

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen killed himself after taking a mixture of cocaine, tranquillisers and sleeping pills, an inquest into his death has concluded.According to the BBC, the inquest was told that McQueen was under pressure from work and was "overwhelmed with grief" at the death of his mother Joyce.The 40-year-old's body was found in his London residence on February 11. It was the eve of his mother's funeral."The balance of his mind was disturbed," the BBC quoted coroner Paul Knapman as saying.He recorded a suicide verdict.Westminster Coroner's Court heard that the designer had a history of depression and had taken two drug overdoses in 2009 which were described as "cries for help".A joint statement from the Gucci Group and Alexander McQueen's company said: "Today is a difficult day for all of those who knew and worked with Lee as we come to terms with the manner of his tragic and untimely death"."Whatever the circumstances of his passing, Lee will be remembered by all of us who had the privilege of calling him a colleague and friend as a rare talent, a true genius and brilliant creative force," the statement added.
- Reuters



Bieber Fever!

Justin Beiber arrived at New Zealand airport, and just as expected, it was like everyone was there ready to mob Bieber. But unexpectedly, someone knocked Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, and even stole his hat. "Finally got to New Zealand last night. The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people." He tweeted last Wednesday. Yet his mom just tweeted "Thanks for all ur support!! I'm ok thank you!!!" and that she's fine.
Bieber's song "Baby" is now a top-ten hit on itunes earlier this year.
Before leaving New Zealand, Bieber promised his fans that he'd sign autographs but security polices did not allow it (maybe coz if they would, Bieber would leave one-handed. lol kiddin)
The same things happened later on the week of Justin Bieber's concerts. So far, the most serious injury was fractured kneecap.
Well, if Justin would come here to the Philippines, no I won't be there to mob him. :) I'm not a Bieber fan. :D lol


Hachiko: A Dog's Tale; Based on a True Story

I just finished watching the movie Hachiko starring Richard Gere. Its story emphasizes the loyalty of a dog to its master. Hachiko stays at the same spot everyday at the train station to wait for his master (Richard Gere in the movie). His master died yet Hachiko never left that spot and just kept on waiting for his master to return. So yeah, a sad touching story. And yeah, I cried. :) It's really amazing coz dog's are truly man's bestfriend though some bite people and cause of some deaths, but still, its something anyone would want to have. A loyal friend that you could lean on till the end. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Birthday Bash.*

It was Maxene's 1st birthday and her parents, yeah, threw her a party just like other kids. :) she is my best friend's niece so I had a chance to be there. lol As usual, us three, namely Kethley, Jomie and me, went with our most "outstanding" clothes.
Here in our city, only a few people really establish their style; coz most of the time if they do, people stare at them like they're going to melt. It's quite offensive, though.
So anyway, Tiger prints from CAMISA, jeans shorts from HOTKISS, tights from HYBRID PROJECT, shoes-not mine.


Somebody to Love

Ok, so I am not so updated with Leighton, and I just saw this video of her singing. :) lol (DUH). Frankly, I'm not into this. :) PEACE! ^^


Jay Nicolas Sario

Jay Nicolas Sario is a contestant of the show called "Project Runway" where there were 16 designers competing for the enormous prizes: an editorial feature in an issue of Marie Claire magazine, a cash prize of $100,000 to start his or her own line, an opportunity to sell the line on, and a $50,000 technology suite from Hewlett-Packard to create, design, and run his or her business.So, who wouldn't want that? I want that (lol).
Jay is 31 years old and he's a proud Filipino, that's why i really adore him. :)
Dream Model: Angelina Jolie
Favorite Color: Green.
Supermodel Muse: Raquel Zimmermann
Favorite Designer(s): Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Rodarte
Style Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker
Favorite fabric(s): wool, tweed, denim, leather, anything that can give structure and texture.

My favorte design of his is his high end look circus inspired jacket. :)


Style Icon of the Day: Taylor Michel Momsen

Taylor Michel Momsen.
Rockish, Gothic-ish, BLACK.
Taylor Michel Momsen (born July 26, 1993) is an American actress, musician, and model. She portrays the character Jenny Humphrey on The CW television series Gossip Girl. She is also known for her role as Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and for fronting the rock band, The Pretty Reckless. (wikipedia)

Plays Jenny Humphrey that has a sweet style and moody fashion. She sometimes wears floraly, pinky, girly dress and a Blair band. Yet sometimes she is this rocking-those-balck-leather stuff. :) I like her both ends. Her smokey black make up, blonde hair, fishnets are amazing. :D


Screw Style

So, I saw a lot of people having their own blogspot where they express themselves. :) Then I decided to make one too. :) I love fashion and I'm addicted. I wake up every morning thinking on what to wear, and sleeping thinking what to wear the next day. Pretty unusual.
My style icons are Taylor Momsen, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. And I get alot of inspirations from and :D Those are pretty awesome sites. :)
I'm currently typing this is the middle of the night, it's 12:05am and my mind is pretty messed up and I can't think of what else to write right now. ;)
Btw, I'm from the Philippines and I'm 17 years old. :D
Fly by again and I'll make updates.
Thank you! :D

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