Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marc's Made a Game, "Bang! You're It," In Honor of Bang's Friday Debut

One thing you might not know about Marc Jacobs: The man always smells ridiculously good. We caught a whiff of him as he breezed past us backstage at his fall 2010 show and the lingering scent left us blushing. But just when the color finally drained from our cheeks, the racy Juergen Teller-shot ad for Bang—Jacobs’ much-anticipated men’s fragrance—hit the Web in May. Now, two months later, the on-counter date of the new scent is almost here (it debuts Friday) and the Internet is abuzz.
Today marks the launch of Bang’s Facebook page and on Friday, when Bang becomes available, so does a new game—aptly titled “Bang! You’re It”—which will allow Facebook users to “bang” their friends and crushes virtually. Though sexually suggestive, Jacobs is quick to note that the word is multifaceted and has a variety of meanings: “When the word ‘bang’ came to me, I liked that it was a sound and also that it felt like something was finished, done, end of story and, you know, kind of complete.”
Adds Teller: “It seemed so perfect. ‘Bang!’ there you are. ‘Bang!’ here’s the new perfume. Even the crushed-ness of the bottle sort of says ‘strength.’”
Whenever a Facebook user gets banged, they rack up points (note: if you get banged after midnight or by people from other countries, your score increases more). Bonus: One Bang player will be chosen at random each day to win a selection of prizes, including a bottle of Bang or clothing. A lucky few will even win a trip to NYC to attend one of Jacobs’ fashion shows.


Pointed-Toe Shoes Are So In

1. Calf leather pump, Louis Vuitton, $923, call 866-VUITTON
2. Studded lizard pump, Valentino Garavani, $1,195, call 212-772-6969
3. Faux leather slingback, Stella McCArtney, $645, at Stella McCartney, L.A.
4. Patent leather pump, Prada, $650,


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Tweetzelle. :)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Fly. Be Free. Please Set Me Free."

I had my first shoot; I mean, I was the photographer. Though it was just like "for fun" purpose, still, people appreciate my work. :) so touchy... Our group is called "SHUTTER" if you wonder. :) Me and Tyrene are the photographers, uhmkay?
 Anyway, this is my favorite so far. Model is Tyrene Ilisan and photographer is me, and also MUA and editor. :) It's tiring but it was fun. :)
We will have our next shoot after the Prelim exams, I'll keep you guys updated!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trend Report: Stevie Nicks' Style

Channel Fleetwood Mac’s songstress with Gothic prairie dresses, fur tails, and luxe gypsy accessories.

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