Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amanda Seyfried Reveals Secret To Long-Distance Dating Dominic Cooper


Amanda Seyfried says she and boyfriend Dominic Cooper, her co-star in 2008's blockbuster "Mamma Mia!," are able to successfully date long-distance with the help of their Web cams and a lot of time in the air.
"There's nothing easy about it," she told InStyle Hair in their new issue of her three-year relationship with the British actor. "We get on airplanes. You have to be willing to get on one, plain and simple."
The 24-year-old actress said technology also helps keep them close - at least virtually.
"And we Skype - it's boring, but it's true," she continued. "We don't even sit in front of the computer. The other day, I was cleaning, he was cleaning. We couldn't see each other - we were just scrubbing away and talking like we were in the same room."
Amanda also opened up about her much-talked about love scene with Julianne Moore in "Chloe."
"Love scenes are always awkward - even in real life they can be awkward. In a movie they're just very technical," she explained. "We were both nervous, so we laughed a lot. And then the scene turned out exactly the way we wanted it. Still, I keep thinking my lips were so big in that movie! My look was all lips and all hair."
As for those long blonde locks, she said she's willing to cut it all off - but only if her part was just right, saying, "I would chop [my hair] all off for a movie, but the role would have to be worth it."



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