Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Style Icon of the Day: Pascale Baker


1. How do you describe your style? 
I don't really have a style per se. I usually wake up in the morning and feel a certain way, and that'll be how I dress. Like this morning I was feeling a little indie and I'll go with that.
2.Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
I get a lot from different blogs. I feed off more from peoples personal style rather then what the public says I should wear. 
3.What piece of clothing do you wear the most?
I always wear something either on my fingers or my wrists. I don't really have a specific piece of clothing I always wear, but a good tip my mum always told me is that if you wear sexy underwear underneath your clothes you'll always feel fabulous. Shot mum.
4.What fashion accessory/clothing have you been craving to buy?
Im dying for a  piece of mongolian sheep fur. It's getting cold in New Zealand! That will definitely be my next purchase.

5.In your opinion, what accessory should always be present in an outfit?
6.Who are/is your style icons/s? 
I have a huge crush on Alexandra Spencer from 4thandbleeker. I love her whatever goes attitude and how she's her own.
7.What boutique or online store do you love to shop?why?
I don't think Iv'e ever shopped on an online boutique, unless Ebay counts. And we have the NZ equivalent which is called Trademe. I love rare finds.
8.Which do you prefer, designer clothes or cheap finds?
Cheap finds for sure.
9.What season is your favorite?
For style Winter, but for temperature definitely late Summer. 
10. What is "STYLE" for you?
Style for me is not just clothing. It's the whole package, the way you carry yourself, your attitude, your clothing, everything. 
11.If you were to design a dress for a red carpet event, what would it be and who would you love to see wearing it?
I would design a dress for Zoe Kravitz. Depending on wether what red carpet event it was.
 I would design a dress made of feathers. Something a little bizarre. Maybe one shoulder leo covered in black feathers with a tiny hint of turquoise would look stunning on Zoe with her gorgeous long legs.
12.If you were to name your boutique after a famous person, who would it be? Why?
Alexander McQueen. And I would credit him for all my gorgeous and wacky finds. He's amazing
13.Any fashion tip to those who are fashion conscious?
Go with what feels right. Always wear what fits you. If something is to small simply go up a size, it'll look more flattering and you can always cut the tag off when you get home.



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