Thursday, May 13, 2010

Style Icon of the Day: Sara Ameri

1. How do you describe your style?
I know that it sounds so typical, but probably urban. I like to add my own touch, by adding patterns to what I wear, such as wearing a plaid top or striped jacket.
2.Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Probably from my mom. My mom is actually extremely fashionable and I used to envy her 
Chanel suits andLouis Vuitton bags. My mom often shops at Anthropologie, which is probably her main style.
Along with her, I admire Miranda Cosgrove's young but stylish fashion sense. (
Miranda Cosgrove is the main character 'Carly' in the TV show iCarly.) Whether it's on the show or in her regular life, she can make something plain look extraordinary.
3.What piece of clothing do you wear the most?
I have a great collection of vintage inspired boots, that range from floral Dr. Marten to brown knee-high Anthropologie boots. I can dress them up, dress them down; they go with everything. Not to forget how comfortable they are, too!
4.What fashion accessory/clothing have you been craving to buy?
Recently I've been wanting to buy jeans. Not average joe jeans, but detailed jeans like Robin's Jeans (with the gold wings in the back) or jeans with cute patches on them. I also really want more off-shoulder tops, too.
Not to forget bangles! I don't have enough jewlery in my outfits and bangles are a quick and cute way to incorporate it into an outfit.
5.In your opinion, what accessory should always be present in an outfit?
Purses/bags really finish the look and capture my eyes, in my opinion. I love looking at how someone can match their slacks with a Miu Miu, or how they make an 
Urban Outfitters bag look like a million bucks!
6.Who are/is your style icons/s?

Again, one of my top choices is Miranda Cosgrove, because she is around my age (I'm 14) and she dresses very fashionable whether she's at a night out or just taking pictures on her twitter (I don't stalk her, I swear!)
Many of the people on Lookbook inspire me as well because they dress different than the community around me, which I love. I sometimes copy Lookbook looks if I am lacking creativity. :)
7.What boutique or online store do you love to shop?why?
I can't say any in particular...I really love a store called Therapy which is in the downtown nearby where I live, because they carry clothes that are often found on Modcloth, but in store. I can always find something that I like there!
I actually love to shop at Nordstrom's Rack as well, because I don't get allowance and I feel bad when I spend a lot of my mom's money, but when I shop at Nordstrom's Rack I can persuade my mom to buy me things because they're usually up to 70% off :)
I can't say there are any online stores in particular that I like in particular...I like to browse around on
Karmaloop every now and then, along with, and small boutique websites likeIntermixonline.comBetsey Johnson always has something exciting, too!
8.Which do you prefer, designer clothes or cheap finds?
Tough question! Probably cheap finds, because I am easily persuaded to buy things when I see that it has been marked down. Although, I have more pride and protection over things that I buy full price, just because they were full price XD
9.What season is your favorite?
Hmm...can't decide between summer and winter...I think I'll go with winter style-wise, because I get to mix and match my boots, skirts, and leggings. It reminds me of childhood, no?
But I like summer because I get to laze around and wear shorts/tank for once :)
10. What is "STYLE" for you?
"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." - Coco Chanel
Being stylish and being fashionable are quite different to me. You can have 'fashion'; all the name brands and nice things. But style is being able to make it look good--to make it look classy. There are plenty of girls at my school who dress in Juicy Couture and Coach, mainly because it is fancy to them, but they dress it down so much because they incorporate no style.
11.If you were to design a dress for a red carpet event, what would it be and who would you love to see wearing it?
I would love to design a dress similar to the brand Alice + Olivia (for red carpet) and I would love to see an 'indie' actor wearing it; someone who is not super paparazzi but somewhat famous.
I might like to see Michelle Pfeiffer wearing my dress. (I've met her once, her son went to me school!)
If I were designing a dress for prom, I would want it to look like Betsey Johnson :)
12.If you were to name your boutique after a famous person, who would it be? Why?
I can't think of anyone famous who doesn't have some brand or something already...but my favorite band is one called Meg & Dia, and they wrote a B-side called 'Yellow Butterfly', and I would love to call my boutique 'Yellow Butterfly'. It sounds graceful but fun.
13.Any fashion tip to those who are fashion conscious?
It's not about what you wear, it's about how you wear it. Learn to trust yourself and feel confident wearing what you want.
I also suggest to browse around and see what is popular to wear in the world of style, and maybe even try out similar looks with what you have.
Try not to limit yourself to only shopping at one place, too.
That's about it!




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