Thursday, May 13, 2010

Attack of the Giant Boyfriends!

Stars with their oh-so-tall boyfriends.

Okay, So Taylor Lautner is not that tall, so are Brad Pitt and Zac Efron (but Zac is still so-damn hot!) So when we see petite actresses such as Miley Cyrus and Hayden Panettiere dwarfed by their relatively normal-sized real-life boyfriends, you can see just how small they really are!
Hannah Montana petite star with her giant boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

When casting for her recent film "The Last Song," Miley Cyrus, who is 5'5", told Us Weekly she was worried about the height difference between her and her potential love interest (and future boyfriend) Liam Hemsworth, 20, who is a towering 6'4"."I got a little bit nervous about how tall he was," the 17-year-old told Us, adding, "I thought I might have to stand on apple boxes to film! But he opened a door for me, and I thought it was very sweet. So I just told them, 'He's got the part!'"
Ashley Tisdale with her towering boyfriend Scott Speer.
"High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale, 24, is a tiny 5'2" compared to her music video director beau Scott Speer, 27, who is reportedly 6'3". From a distance, these two are often mistaken for Tisdale's fellow Disney alum Cyrus due to their long dark locks and similar-looking hunky boyfriends.

Star Wars' Hayden Christensen and Jumper's Rachel Bilson.
"Star Wars" actor Hayden Christensen, who's 6'2", is a full foot taller than his "Jumper" co-star (and real-life fiancee) Rachel Bilson, who is 5'2".
Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko.
Another couple with extreme height issues is "Heroes" actress Hayden Panettiere, 20, and her Ukrainian boxing champ boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko, 34. As well as their 14-year age difference, they also have to contend with the fact that she looks like a small child standing next to him -- he's 6'6" and she's 5'1".

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Anonymous said...

Lol Hayden Christian is Not 6'2 he is 6 feet im 6'2 ive seen him he is not. Also Miley's boyfriend is not 6'4 or 6'5 he might be 6'3 cause my mother comes up to me where she comes up to him and my mother is 5'6 and a half SO they are not all that big. But i have to say That tisdale's boyfriends height is not 6'3 he is way over 6'3 he might be 6'5 so all the heights listed are all wrong

Anonymous said...

This is Exactly why hollywood is all screwed up u get in there and and u can pretend to be 3 or so inches higher. freaken press

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