Monday, May 10, 2010

Style Icon of the Day: Caroline M.

1.How do you describe your style?
Ever evolving. Its trendy, but I never go without at least one classic piece. Like right now, I am wearing those Balenciaga booties everyone seems to have (of course, mine are the Sam Edleman versions) and black dotted tights with high waisted and sort of ripped denim shorts, an oversized Taylor Swift concert T-shirt tucked into them, a black thin cardigan and my ‘signature’ giant faux-pearl earrings. I guess I wear a lot of black but in more Sienna Miller than Kelly Cutrone sort of way.

2.Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Anything and Everything. People on the street, old disney movies, manhattan skyline, tv shows, books, art...

3. What piece of clothing do you wear the most?
My fashion’s night out tee shirt, its quite amazing. 

4. What fashion accessory/clothing have you been craving to buy?
The alexa bag by Mullberry, the Miu Miu heels with the cool prints that come in like 1000 different prints, a large classic chanel purse, studded louboutins, a proenza schouler tye-die dress, an awesome lace dress, and THE ALEXANDER COCO DUFFLE. 

5.In your opinion, what accessory should always be present in an outfit?
earrings. they can be little like studs but to me they always tie an outfit together at the last minute, i feel weird without mine.

6.Who are/is your style icons/s?
The Olsens. Ashley is my all time fashion role model for the way she changes her look all the time but at the same time you can always tell that its an Ashley Olsen look. My other favorites would be Blair Waldrof (but notleighton meester she always looks like she’s trying too hard), Taylor Momsen (the exact opposite of Blair but I love her edgy looks), Emma Watson (for her proper but still cool British school girl looks), Miroslava Duma (for wearing whatever she wants straight off the runway and making it look more ‘normal’) and Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevigny(for their ability to make anything look like its the coolest thing in the world).

7.What boutique or online store do you love to shop?why?
I love Asos, best online shop ever. 
Favorite store would be LF or Topshop. 
fredflare.come is great to, but more for accessories and home things.

8.Which do you prefer, designer clothes or cheap finds?
It would be best if they were both designer and cheap!
but, I guess I feel more special in something like Herve Ledger than I would in a $4 tunic with a H&M belt. But when it comes down to it, I don’t really think it matters whether who designed it or how much it costs if it looks good. I go for edgier things though witch are sometime harder to find in second hand places. 

9. What season is your favorite?
 summer! winter clothes kind of bore me, but i love winter accessories (especially shoes).

What is "STYLE" for you?
Style is being confident in what you wear and never being afraid to take risks in fashion. 

11.If you were to design a dress for a red carpet event, what would it be and who would you love to see wearing it?
Something classy but sexy, short with long sleeves low back but it would have to be comfortable. Unless we’re talking Oscars-fancy. Then I’d say A long layered chiffon high waisted skirt that goes to the floor, a black one shouldered top part. and a line of sequins matching the chiffon color right at the top of the chiffon covering the seams so that the dress attracts lights of the cameras but don’t really stand out as trashy. Maybe someone like Heidi Klum, or Alexa Chung. I would die if Alexa Chung wore one of my designs. 

12.If you were to name your boutique after a famous person, who would it be? Why?
Alexa Chung, because she never cares what people think which is the most important part of style (after actually having style!) and she always rocks everything she wears. Plus, we have sort of the same style. 
and you know it would sell well because of how everyone seems to be obsessed with her right now.
so either alexa, or abbey lee. 

13. Any fashion tip to those who are fashion conscious?
don’t ever care about what people say, do what you want. memorize every fashion magazine you can get your hands on. and visit my blog (

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